Credits and Thanks

We had a blast collaborating with friends old and new to make this course happen. You are to us what rhinestones are to Dolly. Essential.

Voda Films / Filming and Editing

Thank you for editing out hours and hours of us cackling loudly into our mics, teaching us to sneeze with our eyes open, and regaling us with tales of coyote encounters. You are true heroes.

Need an incredible brand or product video? Voda is your crew.
Voda Films Logo

Johnny Knittle / Original Music

Thank you for magically and deftly making our request of “surf country” into a reality. “More Trumpet!”

Need original brand music for a project? Johnny is a joy to work with. Professional, creative and collaborative.
Johnny Knittle Logo

Others who've helped along the journey

Besides the below people who directly helped us make this course, we're so grateful for our small but mighty Hoodzpah team: Bea Morgan and Arturo Jimenez. They continually help us keep projects going and clients happy. Big thanks also to our clients at Hoodzpah, whose work helped us fund the making of this course.

Shout out to our mentor, the Bear, who continues to be a pillar of wisdom and guidance. Also thanks to past LCAD students, LCAD staff, and past workshop attendees who were the patient 0s that helped us make this course even better through their participation and feedback.

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