"A clear breakdown in short informative videos. That combined with a community of amazing freelancers has provided me with the confidence to go at it on my own and become a successful freelancer! This course is worth all the hype and I've recommended it to every creative I know. ”

Eva Van der Borght
Multi-Disciplinary Designer - New York, NY

"Thanks to everything I learned, I met my yearly goals and beyond...the best investment in myself I could have made...”

Chris Porter
Brand Designer - Memphis, TN

"Between the course, the resources and all the information — I have never learnt so much in a span of such a short time and landed so many clients so soon. I am feeling ecstatic about this new found designer in me! VIRTUAL HUG to you both.”

Amber Arshad
Designer and Illustrator - Karachi, Pakistan

"...the Slack channel alone is worth the price of the course.”

Chris von Burske
Creative Director - Denver, CO

"Your book and video course have legit been my best investment for my creative career!”

Ginny Kim
Designer and Illustrator - San Diego, CA

"I just landed my highest paying brand identity job (1/3 of my yearly financial goal) by using all the knowledge absorbed from this amazing course and group!"

Jordyn Taylor-Robins
Brand Designer - Vancouver, BC

"I am only two modules in and holy s**t. I've got a full paper of ideas on how to build on my business! So happy I signed up and even happier to be in the Slack group!"

Brie Pointer
Art Director - Waterloo, ON

“It felt like I was given a blueprint to the industry."

Glenn Kelly
Designer & Illustrator - Baltimore, MD

"This class is hands down the best decision I’ve made for my design business. The value is above and beyond what you’d expect for the price. I’ve had such a massive confidence boost. I just landed my first 5-figure job this past month! I’ve also connected with many other fantastic creative entrepreneurs in the Slack channel. Sign up now, you won’t regret it.”

Becky C.
Brand Designer - Boston, MA

"Thank you so much. Your course and support made the venture of being a freelance designer feel less daunting and more achievable."

Matthew Potter,
Brand Designer and Illustrator - Dallas, TX

"Today is my first day full-time freelance! Zero exaggeration to say that I absolutely wouldn't be doing this without this course, so thank you thank you Jen and Amy!"

Molly Benson
Designer and Illustrator - Chicago, Il

"I would 14/10 recommend taking this class. Learning all these skills gave me the confidence to start charging my worth and take my clients through a streamlined process that is stress-free."

Katie Cooper,
Graphic Designer

"One of the best decisions I made for my creative career since going full-time freelance. 10/10 would recommend."

Lindsay Stripling,
Illustrator - San Francisco, CA

"Jen and Amy have jam-packed the course with an incredible amount of useful information and guidance. As an extension to the course, being a part of the amazingly friendly and supportive FABAS slack community has been a real treasure.”

Hilary Bouvier
Multidisciplinary Designer - Boston, MA

"I went into the course a bit of a novice, in terms of business and how to be perceived as professional. And now I have the confidence to talk about finances, invoice, terms, etc. I feel like I can do this. Thanks Hoods!”

Bryce Reyes
Designer, Illustrator - Corona, CA

"I'm sure I wouldn't have won half of my jobs if it wasn't for the resources that Amy and Jen provide in this course. It's above and beyond what I had expected. Plus, the FABAS community is priceless and a constant source of inspiration, support and entertainment. ”

Bex Toms
Brand Designer - London, England

"I think Jen and Amy's course should be mandatory in every design school. This course is an absolute must. It will give you the confidence to present yourself in a way you never have before.”

Gretchen Mayer
Creative Director - New York, NY

More Happy Students

“Your thoughtful answers and availability is incredible. I am so glad I took this [course] and I can't wait to fully apply everything to my business.”

— Lizzy J

"I feel like as artists we hear terms all the time like pitch and business plan - but rarely have the opportunity to look under the hood and see what these things look like / how they are structured in the professional world. Just having those templates makes me feel more confident as a freelancer."

— CM

"I presented my quote with what you suggested and my client went with the full buyout! AND I used the proposal template with my branding and was told it was the most professional proposal he's ever seen.”

— ED

"My favorite part was the clear organization of the course, the templates, and the under the hood looks at pricing and strategies to develop interpersonal connections."


"So incredibly helpful."

— Tiana C.

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